When retrieving your vehicle from the Eagle Towing storage lot, there are different things to expect depending on whether your vehicle was involved in an accident, who was at fault in said accident, or impounded by a police department. All towing and storage fees must be addressed prior to the release of your vehicle.

APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED: Please call (804) 790-0222 before arriving to the storage lot. The storage lot is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. There is a charge of $46.00 for After Hours visits to the lot outside of our normal operating hours.


If you have been involved in an accident and you have collision coverage insurance, please use the following as a guide:

Call your insurance company or the “at fault” insurance company. File a claim with the insurance company. You may need to provide information from the exchange of information form provided by the office on scene. (More than one vehicle involved.) Let the insurance company know that Eagle Towing has your vehicle.

The insurance company will send a claims adjuster (this may take several days) to evaluate your vehicle. The insurance company will then call you to discuss the details of your claim. They will inform you if your vehicle can be moved to a repair facility. If your vehicle is deemed a “total loss,” you will be asked to retrieve your personal belongings so the insurance company can take possession of the vehicle.



If you have been involved in an accident with Liability only or no coverage please use the following as a guide:

If your vehicle is “at fault”, you do not have coverage! The vehicle owner is responsible for all towing and storage fees. We will work with you in most situations.

If you have been in an accident and you are NOT the party “at fault,” refer to the guidelines for “Collision/Full Coverage” mentioned above.


"What a great company...I was out of my normal area and my usual company wasn't available and they recommended Eagle and they were great....picked up the car and delivered it and even texted me when it was on the rollback...definitely recommend them for your towing needs! Friendly and knowledgeable dispatcher and driver!"


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